Software Architecture

Every complex system is preceded by thoughtful design. We design the technical layers of your solution and help you understand the limits and tradeoffs of alternatives before the first line of code.

Software Application Development

Building for the boundless web or mobile users on the go? We can enable you deliver an excellent experience that will delight your users and drive your business goals.

Tech Team Augmentation

Extend the capability of your current team. Whether you are building or already have a product, our team augmentation service can enable you stay on course on your time budget.

Technology Due Diligence (for startups & investors)

Whether you are raising funds as a startup or seeking to understand the technology of a possible portfolio startup, Cogart Studio is your partner.

Hiring & Growing a Tech Team

Need to build a dedicated in-house tech team to deliver on your vision? Recruiting the right talent can be hard, let us help you.

the cogart advantage

Founder Mindset

You are in good company, we have built businesses too. So we understand how difficult it can get. This is why we bring a founder mindset to every project we work on.

Domain Expertise

With experience across FinTech, E-Commerce, GovTech, Logistics and Communication, we are well positioned to enable you realize your dreams within these and related sectors.

Flexible Engagement Models

Choose what works best for you as to how to engage our services. We understand every project has its own unique needs

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Building and growing a technology business can be difficult. Let us be your partner on that journey.